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ArborCon 2019 Agenda

Monday-February 11, 2019

ISA TESTING  - 8:30am-12:00pm

Lansing Center, Lansing, MI
Must register with ISA to take the exam by January 24, 2019
Click here to complete the test application!


Attend EHAP in the morning and select from 2 options for the afternoon. Lunch is not included. You must purchase a ticket for lunch or have lunch on your own.

ELECTRICAL HAZARDS AWARENESS PROGRAMInstructor: Lucas Drews, Certified Arborist, Aerial Arboriculture Tree Care & Training

All arborists must be trained to recognize and avoid electrical hazards. EHAP helps you meet yearly OSHA & MIOSHA safety requirements for anyone who works near utility lines. EHAP must be used in combination with documented on-the-job skills training and verification to meet OSHA 1910.269 requirements.

AERIAL RESCUE - Instructor: Lucas Drews, Certified Arborist, Aerial Arboriculture Tree Care & Training.
The most common reason for double fatalities in tree care is failed aerial rescue attempts – an emergency could develop any time one of your crews is aloft and your employees must know how to react. TCIA’s Aerial Rescue Training Program™ helps you protect your employees and meet the aerial rescue training requirements mandated by ANSI Z133.1 and OSHA.  Aerial Rescue Training is a prerequisite for taking the ISA Tree Worker/Climber Certification test.  

CPR/ADULT FIRST AID Instructor: Tyler Johlin, Wright Tree Service & American Red Cross Instructor

Every crew that leaves your shop should have at least one person who is qualified to administer first aid and CPR. For line clearance certified tree crew there must be a minimum of two CPR Certified crew members.

This class follows the American Red Cross First Aid/CPR Program. Participants will learn to recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies. This course will teach participants the knowledge and skills needed to give immediate care to an injured or ill person and to decide whether advanced medical care is needed.

Tuesday-February 12, 2019

KEYNOTE - "Customer Service Versus Customer Experience" - Wes Tregilgas, Wright Tree Service
Climbers Municipal Plant Health Care Business
Climbing Gear Inspection Brush Management in Municipal areas and R.O.W.'s A Sticky Situation - Spotted Lanternfly 5 Ways to Better Your Social Media
DRT Work Positioning While Pruning Pruning: What do trees think about it? Grad Student Sessions: 1)White Pine Decline; 2) Oak Wilt Lab Diagnostics; 3)Riparian Forest Conditions at Varying Stages of EAB Invasion Ethics in Arboriculture
Tech & Safety Rodeo: Demo's and Hands On Education Ethics in Arboriculture Diagnosing and Managing Conifer Pests Gain Customers Without Having to Sell Them; Content Marketing for Arborists
Herbicide Injury to Trees Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Work Comp
Research Update: Oak Wilt & Spruce Decline
Oak Wilt Vectors and Oak Latewood; HWA updates
Improving Transplanting Success of Container-Grown Trees

Wednesday-February 13, 2019

KEYNOTE: "A Tale of Two Cities: The Impact of A Street Tree Inventory in Detroit/Ann Arbor"
UAA Regional Meeting
Climbers Municipal Plant Health Care Business
Pruning: What do trees think about it? Assessing the Urban Forests of Michigan/Lansing City Forestry Today Everything you wanted and did not want to know about the Asian Long-horned Beetle Hiring Best Practices
Understanding ISA Score Sheets in Competitions The importance of Urban Forest Advocacy Important factors for newly planted trees to survive
Tech & Safety Rodeo: Demo's and Hands On Education Construction Management Around Trees - Communicating Effectively with Design Professionals Are plants really resistant to pests and pathogens?
When Trees are Lost: Panel Discussion Using Inventory Data to manage Operations Stemflow 101
The Priority 1 Project Grad Student Session: 1) Tree Form; 2) Root systems for container growth; 3) Asian chestnut gall wasp
SB 1188-1194 - Tree Ordinances; Where do we go from here? Invasive species: general principles and practices
When Trees are Lost: Panel Discussion When Trees are Lost: Panel Discussion
Pest Update