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Michigan Tree Climbing Championship & Arbor Fair

September 19-20, 2020- Detroit, Michigan
Belle Isle

Registration and Sponsorship information will be available in May

The purpose of the Michigan Tree Climbing Championship is to provide a competitive learning environment for those working in the industry and to showcase the highest level of professional skills and safety. This event is open to the public at no cost. See details below for more information. 

Professional tree climbing competitions are held around the world to provide a platform for arborists to learn about the latest in climbing techniques and innovations in equipment. The competitions simulate working conditions of arborists in the field. Male and female competitors perform five different events during preliminary rounds. Each event tests a competitor’s ability to professionally, and safely maneuver in a tree while performing work-related tree-care tasks in a timely manner.

Competitive tree climbing also introduces the public to the skills professional tree climbing arborists must use for safe, professional tree work. Bring your picnic supplies, chairs, and warm blankets to the competition and enjoy the competition.

MTCC In the News  Destination Michigan Video on MTCC
Preliminary Qualifying Events Competitors are scored individually in each event: Aerial Rescue, Work Climb, Ascent, Belayed Speed Climb, and Throwline. The competitor with the highest score is the winner of that event. First, second, and third place for men and women are awarded for each event.

Competitors’ total scores for all six events are combined and the male and female competitors with the highest combined score from the preliminary events move on to the Masters’ Challenge Championship.

For the Public This event is FREE and open to the Public.  Family and friends of the MTCC competitors are encouraged to bring picnic baskets as there may not be food locations around the park, based on location. However, lunch tickets are available for sale on the competitor registration form. Box lunches will be served to climbers and volunteers complimentary and others purchasing tickets.

MTCC is an outdoor event making use of the natural surroundings at the park for a unique experience.  Please dress for the weather, walking, and possible insects.  

Experience the Arbor Fair - a free public event for kids and adults offering up education on trees and industry equipment, as well as many other fun activities and exhibits!

Future Dates & Locations


  • 2020 - Detroit Area, MI - September 19-20 (Belle Isle, Detroit)
  • 2021 - Detroit Area, MI - September 18-19 (Belle Isle, Detroit)
  • 2022 - West Side area, MI - September 17-18
  • 2023 - West Side area, MI - September 16-17
See the ITCC event in action - Check out our video!  
Video can be seen on the Michigan Tree Climbing Facebook Page.

Changes The 2020 event will be a 2-day format with registration, gear check and walk-thru on Friday, September 18. Preliminary Events will be on Saturday, sept 19 with the Masters Challenge on Sunday, September 20. More details are provided on the event registration page at the link above.

Climber Materials Review the following forms for more information on the guidelines for competing.

ITCC Equipment List Advisory (May 2019)
ITCC Rule Book (valid till July 2021)
What to Expect During Gear Inspection
Gear Check List form 
TCC Insurance Notice-ASM
TCC Participant/Volunteer Waiver

2020 Prize Package

Package Sponsors listed below
ASM is pleased to announce the 2020 ArborMaster Climbing Kit Prize Package for the Tree Climbing Champion (TCC), held in conjunction with the chapter’s 2020 Tree Climbing Championship (TCC) event.

This climbing kit is being offered to each chapter champion (both man and woman, if applicable)!
The package is intended to help equip the chapter representative(s) for the International Tree Climbing
Championship (ITCC) Competition.

Each prize package includes:
Buckingham’s Tree Squeeze and a 150’ Rope Bag
• Silky’s GunFighter Curve 330mm
• OREGON® ‘s Tool Bag
• Samson’s ArborMaster 150’ Hawkeye Climbing Line with eye splice
• ArborMaster® - 50% savings for a 2-Day or 3-Day Hands-On Training Module