The Value of an ISA Credential and Qualification
ISA credentials and qualifications are valued and trusted because they let consumers know that you possess a high degree of knowledge about caring for and maintaining trees.

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Benefits of Certification

  • Earning an ISA credential has many benefits. A few of the major benefits are listed below.
  • Certification affords the public and those in government the opportunity to make an informed selection of services based on the knowledge and advanced training demonstrated by an ISA Certification.
  • Certification is a tool used to set oneself apart from the competition and gain a competitive edge in today’s economy.
  • Certifications, sometime more than price, can be a deciding factor when multiple individuals bid for the same job. If you want the job done right, hire the right people!


What are the CEU requirements to be eligible to re-certify?

In order to re-certify every three (3) years, you must obtain the required amount of CEUs and pay a re-certification fee. The number of CEUs required depends upon the credential you hold. You can check the application handbook to see the CEU requirements for each credential.

Application Handbooks Click here or view below

ISA Certified Arborist: 30 CEUs

ISA Certified Arborist/Utility Specialist: 6 Utility CEUs + 30 Arborist CEUs = 36 total

ISA Certified Arborist/Municipal Specialist: 12 Municipal CEUs + 30 Arborist CEUs = 42 total

ISA Certified Tree Worker/Climber Specialist: 15 CEUs

ISA Certified Tree Worker/Aerial Lift Specialist: 15 CEUs

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist: 60 CEUs; 20 each in Science, Practice, and Management

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ISA Certified Arborist Code of Ethics Click here

ISA Certification Department number is 888-472-8733 or 217-355-9411