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The public review period for the revision of A300 Part 1 Pruning and A300 Part 9 Tree Risk Assessment standards is in effect from August 19, 2016 to October 3, 2016. To review the drafts, download a copy.  Here is the link to the documents for downloading:  A300 Current Projects page.

There are two methods for providing input and comments:

  1. Send your comments to your member representative.  Your representative will use your comments to develop comments or suggestions for your organization.  If you chose this method, a formal response from the A300 committee will not be provided.
  1. Send your comments directly to the A300 secretary, Bob Rouse.  The committee will review your comments at the next committee meeting on October 4-6, 2016 and provide an official response to each comment.  Here is Bob’s contact information:Bob Rouse, MS, AStd, Chief Program Officer, TCIA, 136 Harvey Rd, STE 101, Londonderry, NH  03053, Toll Free:  800-733-2622, Cell:  603-203-4962,
ASM Oak Wilt Lab Submittal Form – Not compatible with Microsoft Edge browser
With assistance from the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program (MISGP), ASM is offering a unique opportunity for tree care professionals to collect and submit samples from oak trees suspected of having oak wilt infection.  The MISGP grant will pay for oak wilt samples processed by MSU Diagnostic Services. Tree care professionals who’s sample results are ‘positive’ for oak wilt are offered 2 hours of technical support to strategize the best management of oak wilt at that specific site, if desired.  Click on the link in the Form name to access the form.  Learn more about the form.
ASM Seeking Professionals to Fill Oak Wilt Grant Positions – ASM is looking for interested professionals to apply for positions open in its Oak Wilt Grant received from the MISP this past March.  Positions include Oak Wilt Grant Facilitator and Oak Wilt Technical Support.  Please visit the Careers page for job description details.
URGENT: 2016 Weaver Rope Bridge Safety Notice  2016 Rope Bridge Safety Warning and Free Replacement for Weaver Cougar, WLC-700 & WLC-730 Models

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