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Northern Long Eared Bat Update (NLEB)

NLEB listed as 'threatened". Click here for the announcement by the USFWS.

1. Learn more & FAQs about the NLEB, including documents about the listing decision and the interim 4(d) rule, along with a "Do I Need a Permit? Key to Interim 4(d) rule" handout, click here.

2. Click here to visit the USFWS Michigan Field Office's website, specifically the NLEB known location map. The map delineates Townships with known hibernacula and roosts.  The purpose of the map is to help landowners identify areas where they'll need to contact the USFWS about whether or not their excepted activity is within a quarter mile of a hibernacula or roost.  Please keep in mind that the Townships are much larger than the known locations. 

3. To learn more about the history and background of white-nose syndrome in Michigan, visit the DNR website

4. Guidelines for how to interpret the recent listing and interim 4(d) rule for the northern long-eared bat, posted by the DNR. 



Certified Arborists are individuals who are trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees from roots to canopy. Read more Click here.   

  • Find an Arborist in Your Area? Click here                         
  • Why Hire an Arborist? Click here.  Ask for proof of insurance and references, and be wary of door-to-door solicitations and bargain-basement prices. 
  • Take Care When Hiring After a Storm  Click here






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