Find an Arborist

The Arborist Directory is offered as a public service by the Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM) the Michigan Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture.

As with any service you purchase, we suggest you do research, seek recommendations, and get written estimates. Certified Arborists perform only accepted tree-care practices; unacceptable practices include “topping” a tree, using climbing spikes, and removing trees without just cause. However, not every arborist is qualified to provide arboricultural services. Ask for proof of insurance and references, and be wary of door-to-door solicitations and bargain-basement prices.

For Those Looking for an Arborist: Please note that this is not a complete listing of all of Arborists and ISA Certified Arborists in Michigan, and no endorsement or recommendation is implied nor granted to any individual listed. This list contains ASM Members.

Don’t see an arborist in your area?  Give an arborist a call. Many arborists are willing to drive to your area.

If you would like to be added to our Arborist Directory, please send us an email to We ask that you include your full name, business address, business email address, telephone number, and fax (if applicable).