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The Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM) members include arborists, urban foresters, municipal and utility foresters, professional tree workers/climbers, academia and others interested in all aspects of arboriculture and the health and care of Michigan's's trees.  ASM's members have been formally organized since 1926.  In 2006 they formed the new organization of ASM to better represent them in the 21st century.



 Mission Statement:


To advance the profession of arboriculture.



Our Purpose: 

To advance the common business interest of individuals and entities engaged in arboriculture/urban forestry in Michigan.

  • To promote and encourage the use of arboriculture/urban forestry services by homeowners, businesses and others in Michigan.
  • To provide for professional development, promoting high standards and sound practices, within the industry. 
  • To work cooperatively with other professional associations in the field of arboriculture/urban forestry towards the attainment of mutually compatible objectives.

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Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM)
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